How do I list a space with Spacebar?

1. Register online

Register to list a space, edit listings and save favourites. This process is quick and easy.

2. List your space/s

Upload information about your space. Make sure you put in as much information as possible, including amenities, photos and a description. If you’d like to vet guests before they book your space, please get in touch with our team here.

3. Wait for bookings to come in!

How should I choose my listings price?

The price you set for your listings is up to you! You can search comparable listings in the same area to get an indication of price. You can also add offers to encourage guests to rent out your space for longer.

If you have any additional fees (i.e. cleaning, parking) either add this to your listing price, or add it as an additional.

How do I make my listing look desirable?

1) High quality photos are a great way to showcase your space.

- Upload 4-5 photos showcasing the key areas of your space. Mobile photos are fine, ensure lighting is optimal. Day-time lighting works best or ensure lights are switched on.

2) Highlight amenities

Does your space have wi-fi? Free parking? Around the corner from a great coffee shop? Make sure to add these things to your listing.

Service fees

Listing is free through Spacebar, but we do charge a percentage once the space booking has been approved by the guest and payment has been made. The service fee covers admin and costs to run this site and is a percentage of the booked amount, which based on the length of stay. The longer the length of stay, the lower the percentage for the service fee.

Can I contact the guest/hosts directly prior to booking?

Of course – We understand that some hosts don’t wish to have their contact details listed online, however are happy to facilitate any communications the guests and hosts would like to have with each other directly.